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Factors To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Exterior Paint


Are you planning to give your home a much needed makeover? Well, there are quite a number of home improvement options for home owners out there today. Painting is a very common home improvement option that has helped many people to transform their ordinary homes into beautiful homes that are more appealing to the eye. Who does not want to own that house in the neighborhood that everyone admires?

When you do decide to give your home’s exterior walls a new paint job, there are a few key factors that you should put into consideration in order to ensure that the end result is nothing short of amazing. First and foremost, if you have never taken part in any painting work or you have always delegated this kind of work to other people then you should know that you have your work cut out for you. Lack of experience in getting the right painting supplies can really cripple your home improvement venture.

Finding The Best Exterior Paint

As mentioned above, if you have never engaged in any kind of painting work before then you need to put in some extra effort when it comes to selecting the best exterior paints for your home. The aim of the entire home improvement activity is to better your home in terms of appearance as well as market value. A house with a good paint job will fetch more in the real estate market than an ordinary house with white washed walls.

Selecting paint is all about being creative and choosing colors that will best suit your lifestyle. Color may seem like the only factor to consider when choosing paint but this is not the case. Other factors such as brand of paint are also very important and cannot be ignored when choosing the right paint for your exterior walls.

Brand of Paint

We are all aware that there so many brands of paints out there today. Some are good and are of high quality while others are not so good and will not help to make your house better in any way. It is imperative that you select high quality paints for your home’s exterior walls that are sourced from a reputable brand or manufacturer.

Failure to adhere to this advice may be disastrous in some cases and may lead to a home owner losing a lot of money for no apparent reason.

Color Schemes

Before you head out to secure all the necessary painting supplies, you have to settle on a particular color scheme that you would want for the exterior walls of your home. A color scheme can be a single color or a combination of many different colors that are related in one way or the other. Doing this allows you to be more prepared when you get to the hardware store. Many home owners experience troubles when it comes to deciding on a particular color scheme and this can sometimes be very frustrating.

The most important thing is to be creative. Ask around if you have to and always choose a color scheme that you will be comfortable with for many years to come. Painting a house is not a monthly activity so be careful what color of paint you choose for your exterior walls.

Wall surfaces

Different homes have different wall surfaces depending on when and how they were built. Older homes may have classic walls that are a bit rough and edgy while modern homes may have softer and smoothly plastered wall surfaces. The condition of the exterior walls that you are planning to paint must be put into consideration. Some form of preparation is in most cases required before you embark on laying the base coat of your paint.

Lastly, some form of paints do not go well with certain wall surfaces so always consult if you have any doubts. Also, home owners should create some distinction between the choice of paint used for interior walls and exterior walls. Once you have put all these factors into consideration, you can now go ahead and give your home that much needed makeover. All the best in choosing the perfect exterior paint for your home!



Top 6 Styles For Shaker-Style Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

In terms of style, shaker-style cabinets are very flexible and can go either modern or traditional depending on whatever you choose to pair them with.  Various decorative elements such as hardware, tile, and lighting can change the overall style and tone of a kitchen. Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of a kitchen and can alter the overall look. Here are the top 6 styles for shaker-style kitchen cabinet hardware.

1.    Traditional Steel or Nickel Knobs and Bin Pulls

Shaker-style cabinets have a reputation for their clean simple lines and are often paired with simple, unembellished cabinet hardware. You will discover that a shaker-style door is one of the most versatile door styles available whether your style is modern or vintage. You will often find vintage-style kitchens with white shaker-style cabinets finished with a combination of timeless bin or cup pulls and knobs. Traditionally, the knobs are found on doors while the bin pulls are found on drawers.

2.    Vintage Ceramic or Glass Knobs

Depression Era glass is another name for vintage-style glass and is yet another classic choice of hardware for shaker-style cabinets. If you have a stained cabinet finish, you can create some nice contrast with the hardware using white glass knobs. For a great vintage touch, put knobs on drawers even though drawer pulls are more user friendly for regular use.

3.    Vintage Pulls That Have Exposed Screws

This style of hardware is will probably remind you of vintage window hardware (double-hung) and helps to add a great industrial or vintage touch to your new kitchen. It looks totally different in nickel finish than in antique brass or oil-rubbed bronze. The authenticity of the pulls with exposed screws is amazing and it comes in a variety of sizes and finishes so that it can work in a variety of applications.

4.    Tubular Bar Pulls

Traditional-style kitchens with shaker-style cabinets can get a modern touch using stainless steel or nickel tubular bar pulls. The hardware is commonly found on flat-panel or slab doors but can work just as well on shaker-style doors. Tubular bar pulls can be either short and classic or long and dramatic.

Sometimes, tubular bar pulls are referred to as barrel pulls and are stocked by most hardware companies. They come in various finishes and sizes thus making them a good choice when looking to add modern flair to shaker-style kitchens.

5.    Flat Bar Pulls

Flat bar pulls come in a variety of finishes and lengths, from hand-forged white bronze to stainless steel. These pulls are an excellent way of modernizing shaker-style cabinets complementing them with squared-off and linear looks. When they run horizontally and vertically, the hardware does create a focal point in the kitchen.

6.    Arced and Footed Bar Pulls

Arced and footed pulls are great if you would like a more classic look. These pulls go by many different names. Arced and footed pulls are traditional and are decorative enough without the need of being too fussy for shaker-style doors. Mixing the finishes on light and dark cabinets helps to create contrast and ensures that the kitchen never feels stale.

It Is Okay To Fix Your Finishes

Some people believe that all white kitchen look the same but nothing can be further from the truth. Just changing the finish of the cabinet hardware totally changes the look of your kitchen even if the hardware is of the very same style.

Depending on the other finishes present in your kitchen, you can consider polished chrome or nickel, satin nickel, or even oil-rubbed bronze. Do not feel like you have to match the cabinet hardware to your lighting or even the plumbing fixture finishes.

When using a combination of 2 or more cabinet finishes, it is perfectly okay to mix up the hardware finishes too. You don’t have to match everything – the nickel finish can never look as good on the stained island as an antique bronze finish would.


Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of your kitchen and it is important for altering the overall look. This article has looked at the top 6 hardware styles for shaker-style kitchen cabinets. Find the ideal style from the list and implement it in your kitchen. You will be glad that you did.



The Many Types Of Door Locks In The Market

Homeowners put a lot of trust in door locks for the safety of their property. As a matter of fact, most household owners prioritize purchasing locks more than any other security gadget in their homes. Well, they cannot be blamed as locks help keep out the burglars who are always on the look for vulnerable homes.

Well, there are numerous locks in the market today. You will come across locks that can only be used from the inside. Others have keys that are made up of plastic or metal, while others don’t even require a key. Different locks are used for various purposes and settings. Nowadays, hotels prefer using key cards. When a guest checks in, they are given an ID to serve as their keys. Such a card is programmed to be used only during the stay of that particular guest. Such keys are ideally used in places that are particularly open to the public so as to facilitate order and give level access to certain people.

However, for a typical home, the programmed key card is not what you would want to go for. As mentioned earlier, door locks are made with the place of use in mind. You’ll come across regular locks, the simplest and the most common of all. When you decide to use the conventional lock, you’ll have to install the part of it on the wall near the door and the bolt on its swinging part. Both parts should be in the exact horizontal position. However, the problem with such a door lock is that it can only be opened and closed from the inside, and that’s why there are no chances for you to come in when it’s locked.

This simply makes it useless for homeowners who want to go out as the home will be quite vulnerable to break-ins. The same applies to chain locks. The only difference is that a chain is used, instead of the hole installed in the wall. At times, the chain lock is combined with the bolt lock to add extra safety when the homeowner is indoors. However, if you want a more practical solution when it comes to securing your home or apartment, then you ought to look for more secure door locks.

You might also have come across the hole to hole locks in some places, but it is often used in business settings. A hole to hole lock is simply a lock that’s used with padlocks. There’s usually a hole in the door and on the wall and in most cases, there’s a metal piece attached to the door to create a hole that will be similar to the one on the wall. For the door to be secured, the padlock is inserted in both of the holes. However, it does not give ultimate security as we all know how simple padlocks can be opened without keys.

Then there is the keyless door lock, which is arguably the most secure when combined with the home’s security system. There are various types of keyless locks, but the biometric type, which uses your fingerprints in combination with a code is perhaps the most secure. Well, the best thing about the keyless lock is its convenience among other numerous advantages which include:

1. The fact that you do not have to carry your keys around, every time you leave the house.

2. If you have given your security code to someone, you do not have to worry as you can always change the code and only tell those who you wish to have access to the security code.

3. Ideally, if you have a habit of losing keys and locking yourself out, then having a keyless door lock is the best way to solve the problem.

4. Lastly, this type of door lock has a strong security feature and so, you can confidently use it if you have high valuable items in your home or even business place.

However, some of these locks are known to be inconvenient in cases where they re-lock whenever you step through the door. Others require the use of batteries and some need you actually remove the lock from the door if you wish to make a security code change. That being said, it is important that you research your options before settling for a certain model. Go through the pros and cons of each, and settle for the most convenient depending on your needs.